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Fishing with the Best GPS FishFinder

Fishing used to be simple. All you need is a bait, a pole and a hook, and you’re set to go. Nowadays, technology has given fishing a whole new perspective with the use of Fishfinders.
A fishfinder is a device used to find the location of fishes using SONAR technology or Sound Navigation and Ranging System; combine this with GPS system and you have one powerful device.

Importance of using the Best GPS Fishfinder

Using fishfinder with SONAR technology has made life easier for many boatmen. The added feature of a GPS system gave boatmen a definitive edge when it comes to fishing.
• Map your course. You can map your course easily with the Best GPS Fishfinder. The device can tell you your exact location and map your course towards your next location.
• Provides Chart packages. The Best GPS Fishfinder device comes with pre-loaded maps and can distinguish terrains. It also provides you with other information such as depth, contour lines, marsh areas, currents, tides, etc.
• Save your favorite fishing spots. The Best GPS Fishfinder can save your favorite fishing location. Once saved, you can go back to that spot anytime you want.
• Deep Depth Locator. Special kinds of fish can sometimes be found hiding in underwater deep pockets or shelves. If you have the Best GPS Fishfinder, it can point you where to look for these deep pockets.
• Better Catch. You have a greater chance of catching more fish with the Best GPS Fishfinder. The device can point you to the most abundant places to fish in.

Choosing the Best GPS Fish Finder

There are a lot of brands available in the market but keep in mind that the brand name doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.
Here are some things that you should consider if you want the Best GPS Fishfinder.
• Decide what type of model or device you want to purchase. Choose a model that is already equipped or combined with a GPS System. It will save you on cost if your device is already equipped with GPS rather than buying the GPS system separately.
• Display Features. Some of the Best GPS Fishfinder comes in colored screen instead of black and white. The screen size and image quality are also determining factors when evaluating display features. You would want a display that shows clear and large images that you can view easily.
• Transducer. The transducer emits sonar signals to the water and picks up the sonar waves that bounced back and translated to images on the display screen.
• Transducer Frequency. High-level frequencies work better in shallow water while the low-level frequencies work well in deep water. Higher frequency returns a more detailed image.
• Transducer Cone Angle and Beams. The cone angle refers to the beam width that is covered by the sonar signal of the transducer. As you move deeper into the water, the area covered by the Cone Angle should get wider.
• Transducer Material. Most transducers come with a plastic transom mount. The material of the transducer depends largely on the type of boat you have. A boat with fiberglass or metal hull, it is recommended to use plastic housing, stainless steel housing for aluminum or steel hulls and bronze housing for wood hulls.
• Added Features. The Best GPS Fishfinder has added features like a pre-loaded maps or downloadable map packages. These maps help in charting your course. Other additional features include speed and distance feature and the water temperature gauge. Believe it or not, some species of fish are picky about the speed that your bait runs on. Knowing these small details can level your fishing game up.
Having a Fishfinder combined with a GPS system can make your fishing experience several notches up compared if you do regular fishing. The best GPS Fishfinder should give you the best fishing experience regardless of the brand or the price you paid for it.

best gps fishfinder