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Discount Fish Finders — How To Make A Wise Purchase

Great moments are most often of our own making. In fishing, the same is true. If only you can make every single trip a victorious one by having a great catch and snapping pictures of yourself holding it… But you need a good fish finder to make that possible — one that matches your needs and would make everybody in the team envious of what you have. Here’s how you can get a hold of it without having to spend a lot of precious dollars.

Learn From Reviews

Quickly go over reviews of fish finders in the market with a deep focus on the reasons cited for liking or not liking a model. You want to list them down and make them your guide in choosing the right fish finder for you.

Some reviews complain about the price, but price is not your focus at the moment. Rather, it is time to make sure you are getting the perfect match.

Study The General Features

Fish finders come with great features and most manufacturers strive to offer customers the best ones. But be wary about advertisements and hypes about certain models. Even if it is the best in terms of features — thus bringing logic to its high price tag — it may not be the most suitable for your specific applications. In short: Don’t spend for features you don’t need.

For example, some units come with thousands of wattage of sonar power for a more efficient readout. But that’s nothing if you fish mainly in shallow waters. Buying this one can be a total waste of money for all the extra power that you don’t really need.

Shop Around and Look for Discounts

Now, you are ready to get the most out of what you’ve got in your pocket. Needless to say, there are available resources in the Internet to help you.

There are fish finder forums where people suggest places that buyers can look into. Forums are great because links of store sites that can help make a buyer’s search time shorter are shared by participants.

Additionally, check compare-price websites selling outdoor sports equipment, where items are categorized according to price ranges. They also have a wide selection of models carrying only the specific features that customers need.

discount fisher finders

Lowrance Hook-3x: Why Is It the Fish Finder You Are Looking for?

Fishing trips have never been worth a fisherman’s while without the best fish finders available nowadays. Fishing enthusiasts would opt for a top-rated fish finder with proven features as their great companion. While there a variety of fish finders in the market, read more to know why Lowrance Hook-3x with 83/200 XDCR is the best choice to start out with.

Lowrance Hook-3x is a great-value fish finder offering quality performance and portability. It is compact fishermen with their own small boat or kayak wish to have.

What Are Its Product Features?

  • Lowrance Hook-3x has a LED-backlit 3-inch color display. It has a 320 × 240 resolution, which makes it easy to see in direct sunlight and when viewing from wide angles.
  • It has Broadband Sounder technology that identifies your target fish, bottom contour and hardness, structure detail, thermoclines, etc.
  • Its advanced signal processing saves you the hassle of adjusting its settings manually including noise reduction. This helps you see fish, structure, and bottom details clearly.
  • Aiding you in maximizing the view underneath, Lowrance Hook-3x has a dual-frequency operation supporting between 83 and 200 kHz. This lets you choose the frequency according to your current weather condition.
  • Ideal for searching large areas and showing the biggest fish arches, its 83 kHz operation provides up to 60 degrees of conical coverage.
  • Conical coverage of 20 degrees is best for increased lure tracking and fish target separation, provided by its 200 kHz frequency.

Lowrance Hook-3x with 83/200 XDCR is a great buy and decent for just an affordable price. Its size is perfect to be mounted on your fishing boats. The package comes with a Skimmer transducer with built-in temperature sensor. It also caters up to 11 languages and has a 1-year warranty.

This fish finder is a must-have when you want to explore the lakes and seas in a lookout for the target fish catch. Its price starts at $86.57.

Lowrance ELITE-3x DSI: The Affordable Color Imaging Fish Finder

Digital images have topped the trends today and they never cease. With people being so fond at capturing the best moments, Lowrance Company does their part by announcing the all-new Elite-3x DSI. This latest model is the most affordable color imaging fish finder ever released.

Lowrance Elite-3x DSI fulfills every fisherman’s need of capturing and providing excellent image details. This fish finder features DownScan Imaging—a technology which produces improved images of the ocean floor and other objects underneath your boat.
What Are Its Product Features?

  • Elite-3x DSI is one of the versions of Lowrance’s Elite Series. What’s new about it is its LED-backlit full-color display with crystal-clear 320 × 240 resolution. This is efficient not only in full-sunlight but also night operations.
  • As an affordable color imaging fish finder, its DownScan Imaging capability has 455−800 kHz dual-frequency operation which can be easily understood. This feature also provides photo-like details of structures underwater.
  • Its menu, arrow, and enter buttons are user-friendly, making navigation simple.
  • Lowrance Elite-3x DSI’s pages button allows you to immediately switch to your desired sonar frequency with options between 455 and 800 kHz.
  • Its quick zoom buttons are dedicated keys that enable you to zoom up to four times the standard view. This lets you focus on key fishing locations, saving you more time.
  • It also has a DSI transducer tracking the bottom at speeds of up to 55 mph.
  • It also features a water temperature sensor.

Lowrance Elite-3x DSI sonar fish finder keeps you informed in all conditions. The power button controls the backlight, so even during nighttime, the fishing situation is made easy. It still quickly identifies fish targets and fishing holding structure.

Being the most affordable color imaging fish finder available in the market, this product performs and gives you what you paid for. Its price starts at $179.99.

Lowrance Hook 3x Fishfinder

Have you ever wondered how fishermen know in which part of the sea can they catch fish? How would a novice fisherman, or a hobbyist, know where a fish is? For sure knowing these things comes with a lot of experience and a bunch of gut-feel. That is why fishfinders exist.

A fishfinder is a tool that can be used to locate fish underwater. Just like a dolphin, a fishfinder can use sound energy, or sonar, to locate things underwater. There are many fishfinder in the market but which one is the best?

Lowrance® HOOK-3x All Season Pack may be one of the best fishfinder tools in the market. With Lowrance® HOOK-3x All Season Pack, you will surely enjoy exploring the deepest parts of the sea. The All-Season Pack is very much what you need. It contains not only the HOOK-3x but also a suction-cup Skimmer transducer that can be used for small boat mounting and another transducer for ice fishing.

You can see through the HOOK-3x even in full sunlight through its backlit 3-inch color display. Since it is Broadband- and sonar-powered, the Skimmer transducer is perfect for large area searching, fish finding, bottom tracking, and bait tracking. On the other hand, the ice transducer comes with float and power cable, which can really help you while ice fishing under freezing temperatures.

Also, you can maneuver the equipment easily – adjust your viewing angle or detach and store with the brackets that come with it. The pack also includes a battery, a charger, and some fishing tackle boxes. You’ll have no problem because all these things come in a portable bag that you can just carry around hassle-free. This product is indeed a loaded buy.

With a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use fishfinder like this, you can confidently catch your next big fish in whichever part of the deep sea.